Covid-19 - The Return

THE League COVID-19 Rules and Regulations & Code of Conduct - September 2020

The aim for our re - restart is the 29th of March 2021 with all risk and mitigation plans discussed, agreed and in place with all the participating venues. 

  1. The League Netball Game Modifications

Whilst our comprehensive measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, there is an increased risk associated with taking part in netball activity and as such all match play and competition will play to these rules until social distancing is relaxed

For full clarification please see attached - An Introduction to Stage 4 Netball Modifications Video.

 An introduction to Stage 4 Netball - Modifications video.

  • 4ft spacing for the start of play – GS and GK are required to start inside their respective goal circles, GA, GD, WA and WD on the transverse line and the centres in the centre third. The modification requires all players to position themselves a minimum of 4ft away from their opposing players and teammates at the start of play. This will be managed by umpires at the start of play.
  • 4ft marking – the defending distance has been increased from 3ft to 4ft. Particular attention must be paid in the goal circle when defending or waiting for a rebound under the goal post. This will be blown as distance.
  • 4ft position of penalised player – penalised players for major infringements are required to position beside the player they infringed but from a distance of 4ft away. This will be managed by umpires when an infringement occurs.
  • Removal of Toss Ups – No toss ups are permitted, the team who had the ball directly before the action that caused the toss up to be awarded will retain possession. The umpire will briefly hold time, instruct the ball to be returned to the relevant team and play will be restarted on the umpire’s whistle.
  • Removal of idle interactions – Players not engaged in play or who are stood still are required to be positioned 4ft away from another player. This frequently happens on the circle edge, on the transverse line, whilst walking back to centre pass and returning to the team bench at the end of a quarter. Managed by umpires and supported by players and coaches.

2.  Personal Risk Assesment and Opting In

     Opt-In Procedure

The ‘Opt In’ Process and Confirmations as advised by England Netball and adapted by The League Netball.

This process is designed to make sure that the risks of netball and COVID-19 are understood, and the information is readily available for all individuals and ensures choice with regard to joining netball activity as provided by THE League.

This information is for all The League members, players, coaches, officials, umpires, and volunteers.

The risks associated with Netball activity related to COVID-19 and providing information to enable your choice re 'Opt In' is available and explained by the:

Netball Medical Information video - Understanding the risk of netball.

All players/officials/umpires please read the Personal Risk assesment (Form 1 attached below) and Opt In document (Form 2 attached below.) as part of the first stage towards your informed safe return. Please consider your personal circumstances when making your decision to return.

There is no pressure from anyone within THE League and our netball family to return if they are uncomfortable with the risks due to their own personal situation, or that of a close family member that they live with.

To those who do not feel comfortable to return at this time, please be assured that a place will be available back with us at THE League and in the meantime you very much remain a member of our netball family. Please contact us at any time further down the line.

For current resuming teams, THE League will not take payment for cancelled matches due to ill players and there will be no score allocated to the match for the first returning season. We all hope this will not be the norm but we want to emphasise we will work together to keep everyone safe.

3. THE League COVID 19-Leads

COVID-19 Lead - Janice Enright 07875738959

COVID-19 Lead - Jessica Enright 07891891237

As self-designated COVID-19 Leads on behalf of our organisation THE League, we are following England Netball and guidelines.

To ensure fast and smooth communication each team Captain is our designated COVID-19 Link and any named other as deemed by the Captain.

4. The League Pre-Game Process

a) Track and trace

The League will support test and trace efforts by asking the captains/COVID-19 links to collect written/electronically written information on participants who are attending their matches. This must be detailed enough to allow NHS Test and Trace to contact all participants if a player becomes ill with COVID-19.

Any attendee who develops COVID-19 symptoms up to 48hours after any netball activity must report to NHS Test and Trace and notify their Team Captain if the test is positive. The Team Captain then informs THE League COVID-19 Leads.

What to do if you develop symptoms or have been in contact.

The records must be kept by the captain/ COVID-19 links for 21 days.

The League Netball clarification. (Please remember, during mitigated netball none of the following should occur)

When a netball member tests positive. Any other netballer/umpire who has been in contact within 48hrs of the positive netballers symptom development cannot play/umpire within The League Netball for 14 days from that point of contact.

Netball contact is classed as;

Travelling together in a car or other small vehicle.

Being coughed on.

Having a face-face conversation within one metre.

Having skin to skin physical contact.

Contact within 1 metre for 1 minute or longer without face to face contact.

You are contacted by NHS Track and Trace and are advised to isolate.

Please see attached below Document 3 The League Players Test & Trace Form

b) Symptom check/Self-assessment

Our aim is to promote and maintain the health & safety of all our Netball family. Please help us by answering the questions on the COVID-19 Health Declaration Form before attending each game. 

If you feel like you are displaying any of the symptoms listed, please do NOT attend the game.

Captains please ensure this check is performed prior to game attendance/mixing with others.

Please see attached below Document 4 The Self Health Declaration.

c) Travel to matches

Participants are encouraged to follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport and limiting car sharing. Walk or cycle if you can.

d) Arrival & Exit from the venues

This will be venue specific, current available venues are,

Outdoor Venues

1. Westfield Sports Centre S20 1HQ

There is a large Warm up area at the side of the courts, please socially distance use this area until you are called onto the courts. Please sanitise your hands prior to the match start, then at the end of each quarter, then on completion of your match. Please leave via the bottom exit, when the courts are clear the next group will socially distance enter the courts via the top entrance.

Indoor Venues

1. Goals – ALL Saints Sports Centre.

a. Court 1 procedure - TBC

b. Court 2 procedure - TBC

c. Court 3 procedure - TBC

2. Park Academy - TBC

3. Killamarsh Leisure Centre. - TBC

We are in close contact with; Springs & Meadowhead Academy, Chaucer, Mercia and Netherthorpe Schools, and are waiting for confirmation of their restart.

5. The Game – Arrival and During

a) Arrival

The League will now only provide match balls, bibs in case of colour clash and position change, first aid including PPE equipment and sanitising products.

Please arrive ready to play, the policy is ‘Get in,’ Play Safe, Get out!'

Changing facilities should not be used.

Do not arrive too early.

Maintain social distancing at all times during off court activity.

Use your own training ball for personal use.

Keep all your personal belongings 2 metres away from others.

If possible, arrive wearing your own bibs as provided by yourselves. 

Nails short and jewellery removed or taped by yourselves.

Hands must be sanitised upon arrival at the venue.

If paying on the night please pay prior to start of the match with prepared monies

b) Play Safe

Safety within matches must be taken seriously by all and is the responsibility of everyone. Players should encourage and remind one another of the COVID-19 rule modifications and protocols as much as officials and umpires do.

Positions for the start of play

  • All players must not position within 4ft (1.2m) of any other player
  • GA/GD/WA/WD can position as normal at any point along the transverse line but must maintain 4ft (1.2m) from each other
  • GS/GK are required to start inside the Goal Circle 4ft/1.2m apart
  • Centres can position as normal but must maintain a distance of 4ft (1.2m) either at the Centre Circle or if the Centre decides to mark at the transverse line

Players are required to sanitise hands at the start and end of each quarter

Players are actively discouraged from touching the post

Team talks to be conducted in socially distanced circles.

No handshaking, goal celebrations, high 5’s

No shouting or cheering

Substitutes maintain social distancing.

No sharing of water bottles, place 2 metres away from other water bottles.

c) Get Out

Hands sanitised at the end of the match.

At the end of the match all players should clear the court straight away and should not congregate at the edge of the courts at the venue.

Pllease shower/change at home.

6. The Post-Game Process

Please leave as soon as the game is completed, if payment is to be made at the venue, please pay on arrival using the correct monies.

Changing facilities should not be used, sanitise hands on exit.

All venues will have entry and exit points that ensures social distancing can be maintained.

Venues will display the appropriate signage to facilitate entry and exit at all points throughout the facility.

Ensure test and trace is completed and stored safely and destroyed after 21 days.

Contact THE League Covid-19 Leads if any attendee develops COVID-19 symptoms which leads to a positive test via NHS Test and Trace within 48 hours of dated The League netball activity. After 2 positive cases per game within a 14 day period we will then report to England NHS Test and Trace and take advice.

7. General Rules and Guidance

a) Payments

1. Preferred option - Team Payment. 

If possible, a per team selected individual pays £35.00 weekly online stating their team name.

2. Individual payments. 

For individual online payments, please state the team name. 

3. Cash payments.

Please pay cash into your provided designated team envelope on the night of play. (apart from Sheffield Division 5 based at Chaucer School which will be cashless - option 1 & 2 only.

Bank Account Details: The League



PAYPAL Number and email - 07875738959,

b) Equipment

A freshly cleaned/sanitised ball per match will be provided and used for each quarter (same ball can be used but must be cleaned at quarter times).

A spare ‘clean’ ball will be kept in reserve if the match ball enters a spectator area.

The post at each goal end will be sanitised prior to the start of the match, and if/when contacted during the game and on game completion.

A clean set of bibs will be provided by each team, however there will be a spare clean set at each venue in case of colour clashes. Changing positions during a game should be limited to as less position changes as possible, however if a player is to change position, a clean bib from the sets provided at each venue can be used.

Participants should take their kit home to wash it themselves, rather than have one person handling a large quantity of soiled materials. Where kit absolutely has to be shared or kept together (for example last minute stand-in players, shortage of kit, or an essential club function), each person handling it must wash or sanitise their hands immediately after.

c) Shouting

There is an additional risk of infection in close proximity situations where people are shouting or conversing loudly. This particularly applies indoors and when face to face. Players will therefore avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other during, before and after games.

d) Umpires

Umpires are our greatest asset and must be treated with respect, if you need to approach umpires at quarter times, please maintain social distancing and speak normally.

2 umpires must be used during match play and

will ensure players are adhering to the rule modifications and will instigate the appropriate game management protocol as per;

The Netball Rule Book Manual 2020.

Summary of the main rule changes

Umpires will initially manage the game modifications by verbal reminders, if persistent use whistle, stop the game and remind. If a persistent serious issue use England Netball game management guidelines - caution, warning and suspension.

Stage 4 Officiating Forum – Gary Burgess

Will check nails from 2m away.

Will keep 2m away from netball activity, can stay in front or behind play if the court has a short run off.

Will ensure the last player holding the ball at the end of each quarter and on completion of the game will sanitise the match ball. Will place the sanitised match ball on game completion in the designated 1 per ball bag. Sanitise hands prior and post ball contact. Place antibacterial wipe in the bin.

Will sanitise the netball posts prior to game start, after any physical post contact during the game and post-game completion. Sanitise hands prior and post netball post cleaning. Place antibacterial wipe in the bin.

Provide their own record keeping and score cards and pens. Will email all match information through to The League.

Umpires can umpire and play 1 game per evening if they so wish.

Will complete the onsite The League Test & Trace form stating how many games umpired, which court and timings.

Please see attached Document 5 The League Umpires Test and trace form

e) Pool Players

Pool players and Play up players are to play 1 game per 1 team per night of play only.

When the player is booked please inform The League and we will sign the player in, on the relevant division pool/play up player sign in sheet. Captains please add the pool/play up player onto your Test and Trace form. There will be a backup Test & Trace form available at the venues.

Captains please ensure that the player is symptom free via the COVID-19 Health Declaration Form and is aware of the current risks and game modifications via

Captains please ensure the booked player is aware of the venue/court entry and exit guidelines and time of match arrival.

If a pool/play up player develops symptoms which lead to a positive test within 48hrs of the dated The League netball activity, the player must inform the captain of the team. The team captain must then inform The League.

Pool players must play in the Divisions relevant to their ability. For example a Division 1 standard player should not be playing in lower divisions. The umpires will monitor this aiming to maintain fairness to all teams. Regional players play/play up into Division 1 only unless they are registered to a team. A Pool player can play for the same team 8 times per outdoor season. (4 in indoor seasons)

f)  Injury treatment

Injuries during play will be treated with the participants wellbeing as paramount. The League will endeavour to protect you and others through rigorous sanitising, PPE and distancing. face coverings, gloves and apron will be worn when providing assistance.

First Aid kit will be provided.

A designated area will be provided at each venue for unwell/injured participants. – Initially, Westfield Sports Centre Reception Area

After contact with an injured participant, first aiders must clean their hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol sanitiser at the earliest opportunity and avoid touching mouth eyes and nose.

The League accident book will be completed at the earliest opportunity.

g) Spectators and Substitutes

We request spectators are kept to a minimum, and the preferred option is no spectators at this time. Please see the following venue ‘allowance’.

As venue specific, where allowed spectators are to remain socially distanced whilst attending games. Spectator groups must be restricted to a 6 persons (3 persons per team) or less gathering and spread out, in line, maintaining social distancing.  All spectators must wear a face covering.

When spectators attend, there will be a named person or persons with responsibility for ensuring adherence with these guidelines and ensuring the facility is COVID-19 Secure. The League has carried out a risk assessment for the activity which limits the number of spectators and focuses on the need to maintain social distancing on arrival, for the duration of the activity, and on departure.

A Test and Trace form will be at designated venues where we will collect information from spectators which is detailed enough to allow NHS Test and Trace to contact them if necessary. THE League will hold the information for 21 days post the dated netball activity.

 Venue 'allowance' -  spectators.

Outdoor Venues

1. Westfield Sports Centre S20 1HQ

Spectators - A maximum of three supporters per team, to stand off the courts behind the fence. To maintain social distancing at all times and no shouting. 

Substitutes - Team substitutes are allowed court side and please be ready for play. To maintain social distancing at all times whilst court side. To sanitise hands prior to play and after each quarter and at the end of the match. 

Indoor Venues

1. Goals All Saints Sports Centre

Court 1 2 and 3 – If spectators are a necessity they will be allowed around the long sides of the courts. Maximum of 3 per team

2. Park Academy – No spectators allowed in the Sports Hall.

3. Killamarsh Leisure Centre – If spectators are a necessity they will be allowed in the top area of the court. Maximum of 3 per team.

Substitutes - Team substitutes are allowed court side and please be ready for play. To maintain social distancing at all times whilst court side. To sanitise hands prior to play and after each quarter and at the end of the match. 

h) Insurance

The League does not provide any Insurance including Personal risk or COVID-19 related. THE League will not be responsible for attendees who develop COVID-19 symptoms or illness after any netball activity/involvement as organised by THE League Netball.

Please source and organise insurance on a personal or team basis as you see fit.

i) Compliance - Please see the Disciplinary section in The League Standared Rules and Regulations for further guidance.

All who take part in this version of netball have a responsibility for ensuring that they adhere to the modifications put in place.

These modifications have been introduced to significantly reduce the number of face to face interactions that may occur and players must ensure that they actively seek to remove these from the game.

Any persistent breaches of these modifications will result in incidents being investigated and could lead to removal from play within THE League.

Investigations will consist of, verbal and written statements obtained from umpires, players/persons involved and witnesses.

Based on all facts/information received The League may decide on game bans, removal and/or permanent removal from play within the league.

8. Outdoor Netball

Sheffield Monday and  Chesterfield Thursday - Outdoor at Westfield Sports Centre, Eckington Road, Sothall, S20 1HQ

From the car park please make your way straight to the courts. There is a large Warm up area at the side of the courts, please socially distance use this are until you are called onto the courts. There is a one way system in place for entry and exit. Court 1 is nearest to the car park, Court 2 - middle and Court 3 at the end. Please sanitise your hands prior to the match start, then at the end of each quarter, then on completion of your match. Please leave via the bottom exit, when the courts are clear the next group will socially distance enter the courts via the top entrance.

We will cancel by 5pm due to poor weather.

First Aider onsite and contactable via reception.

Toilets are thru main reception, please wear a mask when indoors.

Beanie hats, snug fitting to the head can be worn. No gloves - sorry.

Spectators - To stand socially distanced off the courts behind the wire fence, a maximum of 3 supporters per team.

Substitutes - Team substitutes are allowed court side and please be ready for play. To maintain social distancing at all times whilst court side. To sanitise hands prior to play and after each quarter and at the end of the match. 

All the above COVID-19 expectations apply as do our Standard Rules and Regulations.

Last and not least, breath, enjoy, our game is back!!