The Chesterfield Cath Askwith 'Spirit of Netball' Award

During the Autumn 2012 season we decided to introduce The Portland Trophy as donated by Steve Portland of Portland Trophies.. This award is to recognize sportsmanship, fairness and professionalism in relation to individuals and teams based on how they present themselves to others. In other words, players that are a credit to the great game of netball.

This award was renamed The Cath Askwith 'Spirit of Netball' Award in memory of our great friend who passed away in June 2017. Cath absolutely loved netball and had played, umpired and then ran our Chesterfield League and as such had always been very heavily involved. She was a huge character and we will miss her. This award will take her with us throughout the coming netball seasons. It was a great privilege to be able to give the award to its first owner Mrs Lesley Athorn - Mico. Lesley and Cath have been netball mates for years, Lesley is a fantastic netballer and a brilliant umpire, she also looks after all of us in her kind and thoughtful manner. Cath, would be chuffed to bits.

The winners for this year of 2018/19 are a great set of girls who ‘bring it’ We all know when we have played them, they are competitive with great visible sportsmanship. They have been together a long time and have a great team spirit, a great netball attitude and are very good at what they do. They were also part of Cath’s era and knew her well. Cath would be thrilled to bits to give this award to Team Jesters. She knew and loved the whole team and like us, can see the Jesters ‘Spirit of Netball’

The winner of this huge accolade for the 2019/2020 netball year is a great netballer. She knows what she is doing, she brings it.. But with a great attitude and sportsmanship. She is caring and supportive of others on court. What stands out the most? Her lovely nature and personality combined with her visible enjoyment of the game. Cath would be proud to give the award to Mrs Carolynn Waller of team Hartbillies.

Autumn 2012 Season - Team Bolsover Cruise Club (BCC)

Winter 2012 Season - Ellie French of Dronfield Ladies.

Summer 2013 Season - Team Super Nuns

Autumn / Winter 2013 Season - Chelsea Morgan of Team Calow

Summer 20014 - Karen Whitehouse of Team Gold Dust

Netball Year 2017 - The Cath Askwith 'Spirit of Netball' Award - Mrs Lesley Athorn-Mico.

Netball Year 2018 /19 - The Cath Askwith 'Spirit of Netball' Award - Team Jesters.

Netball Year 2019/20 The Cath Askwith 'Spirit of Netball' Award - Mrs Carolynn Waller

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