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Chesterfield Thursday 2020-21 Outdoor Season- The Results!

The League’s first outdoor seasons ever, and our fabulous Chesterfield Thursdays, played at the very majestic Barlborough Hall School, has finally come to an end, (soon too will Sheffield Mondays & Sundays, and Chesterfield Mondays & Tuesdays). A pandemic couldn’t stop us, but it did lead to a very trialling and tribulating season of netball. Starting in November 2020, we have faced an onslaught of freezing cold nights, torrential rains, snow, hailstorms, and heatwaves! We have stopped and started many of times due to the dreaded Covid testing our resolve, and my momma and I also very tragically lost my Poppa and our hearts were broken. 

With all this adversity, netball still prevailed, and our netball family grew even more stronger and fierce! I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of our umpires, captains and players for standing by us, and supporting us throughout these uncertain and turbulent times. 

Chesterfield Thursday 2020-21 Outdoor Season!

Division 1

Of course, our Chesterfield Thursday season set off in style, all teams eager, enthused and somewhat nervous to get back on court! All familiar faces were back, and as strong as ever! Battling throughout, and remaining undefeated all season were the fabulous Warriors, a team full of individually talented ladies always up for the challenge! Hot on their trail, were one of their arch rivals Jesters - hunting for wins and securing the Runners Up spot - congratulations to both teams! 

Division 2

Well a battle to the end, who was going to win Division 2 as CHAMPIONS and who as Runners up? Team Phoenix made sure and with 10 points flew into the top position and are Division 2’s mighty CHAMPIONS! Not so far behind, and making their presence known as always, Team Hawks came in as excellent Runners Up – a big congratulations to both teams!

The Prestigious Player of the Season Awards

Division 1 POS – Rachel Rinkcavage of Harthillies - Massive Congratulations!
Wow, with 4 nominations, she is known for her never ending fitness, driving up and down the court, intercepting and outplaying many of her rivals (without even realising it), Rach is one super centre!

Division 2 POS – Charlotte Johnson of KNets - Massive Congratulations! With a whopping 6 nominations, Charlotte is a little firecracker, who has grown from strength to strength, reading the game and pressuring her opponents with ease and style! Well done Charlotte!

Love, Live, Dream Netball <3

Chesterfield Autumn 2019 Season

~ Another cracking season with a lovely blooming bunch of netballers! ~

Chesterfield Autumn 2019 Season of netball has been a blast!

In Division 1 we have had our usual duo fighting for the hot shot spot, Warriors and Calow. However, teams such as, United, Brampton and Jesters have too once again found their feet and battled to remain top end of the table. Yet, still the unrelenting go-getters remain the ‘mighty-Warriors’ and champion Division 1 again, with Calow taking the Runners Up position (but maybe not for long?).

In Division 2, newbies Revels swung it in style, undefeated throughout and only needing one season to be prompted to Div 1 (where they obviously belong). However, it was harder to decipher whom lay in their path, who would be the courageous Runners Up? Would it be Fusion or Phoenix? 
Fusion smashed it with their raw enthusiasm and passion for the game, discipline and hard work really does pay off :) A massive congratulations, and we welcome both teams into Division 1.

The Prestigious Player of the Season Awards

Division 1 POS – Chloe Taylor of Hawks - Congratulations 
Wow, with a whopping 8 nominations, what a truly super shooter and determined defender, very versatile indeed!

Division 2 POS – Alison Carlisle of Cougars - Congratulations
An incredible 7 nominations, someone who is booming and blowing up the attacking third! Not going unnoticed by umpires and players alike, for her vision and skill on the court.

Finally, a massive welcome to Barn Owls, Blades and Wildcats for the new Chesterfield Winter-Spring 2020 Season.

Love, Live, Dream Netball <3