The League Annual Tournament

The Cath Askwith Annual All Ladies and Mixed Netball Tournament which would have taken place at Meadowhead School, Dyche Lane, S8 8BR on their large outdoor MUGGA, which has all 6 courts running on Sunday the 6th of September 2020 is now Covid-19 related cancelled - Thinking positve for next year.

Its usually the sunniest of days and lovely netball weather. This is now a huge event for all our local and out of area teams and is a brilliant day. To enter please see our Information and Booking form in the Downloads tab. The cut off date for applications is the 11th of August 2020.

The Cath Askwith Annual All Ladies and Mixed Netball September 2019 Tournament Results.

Meadowhead was masking itself as Majorca today as the sun shone yet again for the inaugural Cath Askwith Tournament.
This year we welcomed 13 all ladies’ teams and 10 mixed teams to battle it out on the courts. As usual, we had players and spectators a plenty and a really closely contested competition across both sides of the tournament. A change to the usual format meant that everyone was battling to make it to the top 4 of a round robin competition in order to get a prize.
We saw the return of many old faces but welcomed quite a few new teams this year which is always a pleasure to see. Our usual suspects brought their A game and the newbies proved that they weren’t a pushover showing us what they were made of and making their mark on the competition.
Tremendous team and individual performances. Our ladies POT was Katie Bonser of GK who not only played her heart out on court but made more trips to the scoring officials table than any other player all day – well done Katie! The mixed POT was Elves Suarez of Phoenix 9 who up until today had never stepped foot on a netball court and was a last minute addition to his team this morning to cover someone who was a little worse for wear after a big night out last night – going to show that this game is for anyone from grass roots to the elite – well done Elves and welcome to our game.
We are blessed to be able to provide our army of umpires, ‘team white’, without who we would not be able to run the tournament and so to them we owe a huge vote of thanks. They have given great feedback about the quality of netball on display today, the sportsmanship and respect towards them. It isn’t an easy job and they work hard to make sure you the players enjoy your day.
So after a hard fought competition, the final standings were:
Ladies Competition

1st Pumas (60pts)
2nd Champs (52pts + goal difference)
3rd Blended (52pts)
4th GK (48pts)
5th Dome Diamonds (42pts)
6th Allsorts (41pts)
7th Dynamites (32pts)
8th Zodiacs (30pts)
9th Tigers (24pts)
10th Storm (18pts)
11th M&D Allsorts (15pts)
12th Rebels (12pts + goal difference)
13th Warriors (12pts)

Mixed Competition

1st Blue Jets (45pts)
2nd Foxes (39pts)
3rd Sheffield Korfball (30pts + goal difference)
4th Phoenix 9 (30pts)
5th Hustlers (29pts)
6th Ham Men (25pts)
7th Gynae got Balls (22pts)
8th Black Jets (16pts)
9th Parkhead (13pts)
10th Silver Balls (0pts)

Both Pumas and Blue Jets managed to go through the whole competition unbeaten to take the winners spots, an amazing effort by both teams.
Closely followed in 2nd by Foxes (mixed) who narrowly missed out, drawing 1 game and losing 1 and in the ladies, Champs and Blended who took it right to the last match of the day to see who went through. Finishing on the same points, they were literally separated by 1 goal with Champs being victorious– you don’t get much closer than that!
Blended therefore took a very well deserved 3rd place along with Sheffield Korfball in the mixed who were a new team this season (even though they still had a few old faces amongst them!)
In 4th place we saw Phoenix 9 who together with GK Ladies had our POT’s Katie and Elves at the helm
We welcomed once more Cath’s son Declan and her sister Kerry to present the trophies and prizes. It’s not until you see the overwhelming sense of pride in their faces and the genuine emotion in their eyes that you realise how important the Cath Askwith Tournament is for so many reasons and to so many people. Cath was larger than life, a true character, a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of person who towards the end of her life, lived for her family, her friends and her genuine love of netball. She loved netball and she particularly loved the buzz of tournament days. Nothing is more humbling than knowing we can keep her spirit going with this small gesture each year.
With this said, the ‘Cath Askwith Spirit of Netball Trophy’ was awarded today to the very deserving GK ladies. The umpires observe all the teams and players throughout the day and come together to vote for the person(s) who epitomise what the spirit of netball means. Well done to GK, very deserving winners.
A final word of thanks to each and every one of you. As we always say, you make the day, we just organise it. Let’s continue to enjoy and promote our wonderful sport across our region. Let’s use our experiences and our netballing journeys to continue to inspire those around us to take part no matter what age or ability they are – there is a place for everyone and together our team is stronger. Netball unites us, be proud of your part.